Digital Identities and Blockchain

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When we learned about Blockchain from day 1 we realized this technology would be ideal for Terra Virtua. Our VR world, and for that matter in any online experience, you need to be able to protect your identity and online assets.

What you own, what you have achieved, your progress, need to be protected as carefully as in the real world. Imagine studying for years at college, only to find out a glitch has removed all your grades and you can’t graduate. Or your employment history has been lost, costing you any hope of future promotion? How about someone stealing your car and there being no recourse? Or paying a huge sum of money for a collector’s item only for 100 duplicates appearing and the market crashing?

These issues have plagued gaming since the inception of the internet. Players invest time, money and effort into games. Just because it is entertainment, it is no less valued to anyone who is putting in work. That’s why from the point you sign up in Terra Virtua, anything you create, earn and achieve is protected and stored in our blockchain. No one can change, steal or duplicate anything. If you have spent 10 hours grinding in a game to unlock an achievement, then it’s yours and no one can hack, or duplicate it.

This also applies to our content creators too. If you want to set up a store in Terra Virtua, selling exclusive skins, in game items or upgrades, or just cool works of art, your creations are protected.

Your own unique in game currency is protected too — no one can steal your in game currency. And that in game currency has never been more important, since all the different user experiences in Terra Virtua will accept the currency, eliminating the need for multiple different in game currencies.

Making blockchain the foundation of our ecosystem ensures that we will have a thriving community. TerraVirtua will be an innovative, trusted, secure world for content creators and for gameplayers.

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