Comic books fit for super-fans

Our comic books are created by fans for fans! That’s why we built the technology to make them stand out from the rest…

Most of our comic books can be viewed with the text on in the normal way – or you can choose to view with the text off! This means you can see the full, uncluttered art just as it left the artist. Add to that the bespoke animated covers of our Directors Cuts and you know you’ve got something really special in your collection!

We have a growing collection of fantastic characters to choose from, spanning classic first editions to issues hot-of-the-press today. Sometimes, we even get them first!

Guide to Dynamite comic book versions in the Marketplace:

VOLUMES – 1,000  minted at $29.99
Each volume contains a number of comic-book issues. 

DIRECTOR’S CUT VOLUMES – 100  minted at $99.99
Each contains a number of issues, has a 2D-animated cover and bonus material where available.

ISSUES – 500–1,000 minted at $6.99
A single comic book-issue as published by Dynamite. 

DIRECTOR’S CUT ISSUES – 100  minted at $19.99
A single comic-book issue with a 2D-animated cover.

Dynamite Character Collections

Each Dynamite character collection features a number of volumes and issues to collect, but that’s not all! Some also have a choice of lithographs, 3D statues and their very own animated VFLECTS. Click to find out what’s in each collection…

Also in the Dynamite range...

And comics and graphic novels from legends of the industry

Nick Percival – world's first NFT-only graphic novel

Nick Percival’s Bloodlines is the world’s first-ever NFT only graphic novel. And that means… you can ONLY get it here! Each one of the 45 epic pages are pieces of art in themselves with some scenes almost too real!

“In a ruined world that frighteningly echoes our own, humanity’s Bad Feelings and Dark Emotions have taken on terrifying physical forms. Swarming through cities and towns, these sinister creatures feed on people’s Empathy and Compassion, leaving only hollow shells of the afflicted behind.”

Mark McKenna – the complete Combat Jacks

Sci-fi meets Halloween in Combat Jacks, a fun new NFT comic collection from Mark McKenna, Marvel, DC and Star Wars legend.

After 35 years in the comics industry, creating for all the great comic titles, Mark conjured up a brave-new world of his own with a whole tribe of orange nasties! Introducing, Combat Jacks

A marine squad with super-high-tech weaponry is sent to investigate the disappearance of prison terraformers on new-found planet Maia. Because of the abundance of pumpkin-like vegetation on Maia, the planet was deemed habitable by the human race. But these are no ordinary ‘Jack O’-Lanterns’.

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