Bored Apes meets VFLECT

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Bring your Bored Ape to life in 3D animated glory with VFLECT

Part of the Bored Apes community? We want you!

As you know if you own a Bored Ape, you own the art completely, including commercial use. Terra Virtua are offering the opportunity for Bored Ape owners to license their NFTs and we’ll do the hard work.

We’ll create a special collection of Bored Ape VFLECTs, our very own 3D interactive robot characters. Our awesome design and dev team will take your Bored Ape, transform it into 3D glory as a VFLECT, then mint and sell them on our Terra Virtua marketplace, earning you royalties in the process. Pretty sweet. 

Piqued your interest?

What will I get?

As the Ape holder, you’ll get 15% of the Net Sale Proceeds of the primary sale (aka the first sale on the Terra Virtua Platform), and 10% royalty from secondary sales on our marketplace. On top of that, we’ll gift you a version of your Ape VFLECT too! Check out our T&Cs for more detailed information on royalties.

How to register

If you are a Bored Ape owner and interested in licensing your NFT, visit our form to register and fill out the key info:

Please note that due to high demand and some wallet addresses owning high amounts of apes, we will be selective on which quantity of apes are chosen per user so we keep it fair. If your Bored Apes VFLECT is chosen and goes on sale, we will contact you to arrange royalty payments. Should you sell or move your Bored Ape to another wallet, please notify us. Royalty Payments from sales/resales will ONLY be transferred only to the wallet address holding the Bored Ape in it.

What will the Bored Ape VFLECT look like? 

Each design will be unique just like your ape! To give you a flavour, scroll down below to see our video of Bored Ape #3452 transformed.   

When do they drop?

We’ll announce the sale dates of our first Bored Ape VFLECT on @TerraVirtuaHQ twitter so make sure you follow us. After the first launch, we’ll drop a collection each month. 

Any more questions?

Please contact and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

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