Bored Apes have landed on Terra Virtua as limited-edition VFLECTS – get them while you can

Five Bored Apes as Terra Virtua VFLECT NFTs
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We’re transforming BORED APES in to super-fun VFLECTS – Terra Virtua’s very own 3D-animated robots! Each limited edition just oozes with cool. Catch them while you can...

Dropping on...

Monday 22nd November at 5pm GMT | 9am PT | 12pm ET

Five brand-new Apes are making their way to the Terra Virtua Marketplace… in their own time… Noooo hurry… An Ape’s gotta do, what an Ape’s gotta do… 

Back in September, we asked the Bored Apes community if they wanted the opportunity to license the Bored Apes they own to have a Terra Virtua VFLECT made in their honour. And they said YES!

Our team of designers got to work straight away, modelling each Ape’s unique features and personality into VFLECT form. The first troop are already running riot in the Marketplace and soon they’ll be joined by more Bored friends all in their shiny new 3D-animated robot glory. 

Our popular robot VFLECT NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are native to Terra Virtua, where they can be found dressing up as a range of characters with a personality all of their own. Each limited edition VFLECT is a 3D-animated model with a number of characteristics that makes it stand apart from the rest. You can view and rotate them around a full 360 degrees and watch them go through a range of animated motions. You can even interact with them via augmented reality using our app for Android phones.

Already in the Marketplace...

Each limited-edition Bored Ape VFLECT is available on the NFT Marketplace in six different rarities:

Rare – 150 minted at $99
Special – 50 minted at $300
Legendary – 25 minted at $600
Mythical – 15 minted at $1,000
Golden – 5 minted at $2,500
Platinum – 1 minted at $7,500

Meet the Bored Apes...

Bored Ape 90 

Gone crazy this one! Had one too many funky bananas and now he can’t keep his teeth in. And no, we have no idea where he got the Prussian helmet from.

Bored Ape 1476

This wanderlust has travelled the world, wearing whatever he could get his paws on. His hunting hat is from the deserts of Africa who knows what he’ll find next as the Yacht sails on!

Bored Ape 1693 

Half Bot, half Ape, all bored. Judging by his shirt, this Ape’s going to take his Yacht to somewhere tropical, where the sun shines bright and apes don’t fight.

Bored Ape 3218

Drop on the Yacht’s deck and give me 20! This Ape doesn’t take no excuse. Ex-military and living the life in the Yacht Club. Hardened to perfection, some habits die hard.

Bored Ape 3600 

Cosy warm fur jacker, cool shades and the classic captain’s hat. This Bored Ape was born to sail the ocean! A true member of the Yacht Club.

Bored Ape 4700 

Not everyone’s seen an easy life. Escaping icy war-torn realms, this Ape is now free and ready to party away from the cold winter blizzards. There’s only sunny skies and palm trees for this Ape now.

Bored Ape 6912

Just sit back and chill bro. There’s always time to shave and wear fancy clothes, but for now, all this Ape wants to do is smoke some pipe and relax.

Bored Ape 7513

Eyes all around for this, flamboyant as ever with a third eye to spare, and the 3D glasses are just the cherry on top.

Bored Ape 7840 

Don’t mind the Ape with the military cap and silver hoop, just munching some pizza and chilling. No monkey business here, we swear.

Bored Ape 8724

Leaving the jungles of war for the ancient shrines of wisdom, this Ape has found peace in life. With all his years of training in both war and peace, he is half warrior, half monk – all Ape.

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