Brand-new NYX digital NFT comic book – a Dynamite day-and-date release

NYX NFT comic book banner
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Dynamite’s brand-new NYX Issue #1 is out this November. Get your launch issue as a collectible NFT (non-fungible token). Dropping on Tuesday 16th November at 2pm GMT | 10am ET | 7am PT.

Dropping on...

Tuesday 16th November at 2pm GMT | 10am ET | 7am PT

NYX – Issue #1: Woman on Fire

The amazing NFT version of the brand-new launch issue for Dynamite Entertainment’s NYX. Written by Christos Cage with art by Marc Borstel and a flaming-hot cover from Lucio Parrillo, you can view your comic book with the text on and then switch it off to reveal the full art underneath.

Versions available in the Marketplace:
Issue #1 – 500 minted at $6.99
Issue #1 Director’s Cut 2D-animated cover – 100 minted at $19.99

You’ve met her in Vampirella. You’ve met her in the Sacred Six. Now, Dynamite Entertainment brings probably the hottest female character in their rosta in to the spotlight to star in her very own comic-book series. And Issue #1 is getting the special Terra Virtua treatment as an NFT (non-fungible token). Introducing, Nyx…

Nyx appears for the first-time ever in her own comic-book series

Take one look at this unassuming blonde and you’d never guess she’s centuries old. Daughter of a human mother and the mad god Chaos himself, Nyx turns to flame when her demon side is let loose! 

Now Nyx’s human emotions are getting the better of her, and her mortal side is growing stronger. But the side that transforms into living flame still needs her to feed on the life-force of the living to survive.

Can a half-demon find her place in our world or is she doomed to a more evil destiny? How with a fatherly reunion go? And when she bumps into Vampirella again, will they be friend, foe or something stranger?

We’re about to find out!

Find NYX Issue #1 in the NFT Marketplace – coming soon

Writer Christos Cage and illustrator Marc Borstel join forces in this hot-off-the-press issue, bringing Nyx to life for the first-time ever in her very own comic-book adventure. NYX, Issue #1 is available in two unique NFT editions: a standard digital edition and a limited-edition Director’s Cut with awesome animated cover.

Built on our own VPLAY technology, each NFT comic-book gives you an amazing two ways to view. Read as you normally would, then switch off the text to view the artwork clean of all its panels, lettering and OOFS! It’s a comic-book fan’s dream!

A word to the wise… Our Dynamite Directors Cuts are hugely popular with collectors and fans. As a limited edition, only 100 copies of the NYX Issue #1 Director’s Cut will ever be minted. So if you want to own a first edition, grab one for your collection while you still can. Going by previous experience, it is likely to be sold out in hours…

Age-rated teen plus

Dynamite® & © 2021 Dynamite. All Rights Reserved. NYX™ & © 2021 Dynamite Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

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