The original warrior of Mars returns in a unique digital comic-book collection

Dynamite Warlord of Mars Volume 2 NFT
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John Carter is ready for battle for the first-time ever in NFT form in the Dynamite Warlord of Mars Collection, only on Terra Virtua.

Dropping on...

Friday 26th November at 2pm GMT | 10am ET | 7am PT

Dejah Thoris – VFLECT

To aid the Warlord in his quest to bring peace to the Red planet, Dejah Thoris steps into the fight. Not just looks, but a feisty warrior as well, full of enchanting skill and marksmanship. Here, Dejah gets the special Terra Virtua treatment as she joins our VFLECT family. This super slinky 3D-animated model is full of attitude and comes complete with iconic broad-sword and laser blaster.

Versions available in the Marketplace:

2,500 Common 3DA – $19.99
1,500 Uncommon 3DA – $24.99
1,000 Rare 3DA – $34.99
500 Special 3DA – $74.99
100 Legendary 3DA – $149.99
50 Mythical 3DA – $499.99
50 Gold 3DA – $999.99

Buy all the above rarities together to receive a Gold 3DA worth $999.99 as a REWARD.

Dejah Thoris – 3D Statue

Lock n’ Load! The enemy might have her surrounded, but that’s no challenge for an experienced markswoman like Dejah Thoris. Three shots, three kills. Here, the bejewelled princess wields her weapons on a sand-swept platform with pet lizard and skulls. In the animated, 3DA versions, she seductively sways, with her billowing, silky cloak.

Versions available in the Marketplace:

5,000 Common 3D – $19.99
3,500 Uncommon 3DA – $29.99
2,500 Special 3DA – $59.99
250 Legendary 3DA – $299.99
50 Mythical 3DA – $1,499.99

Buy all the above rarities together to receive a Mythical 3DA worth $1,499.99 as a REWARD.

Already in the Marketplace...

John Carter Collection – Volumes

Each collection comprises a number of issues from Dynamite Entertainment’s Warlord of Mars, written by Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Stephen Sadowski.

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace:

John Carter Volume One, containing issues 1–9 of Warlord of Mars – 1,000  minted at $29.99

John Carter Volume Two, containing issues 10–18 of Warlord of Mars – 1,000  minted at $29.99

John Carter Collection – Directors Cuts

Our limited-edition Directors Cuts are popular with collectors. Only 100 are available of each. 

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace:

John Carter Volume One, containing issues 1–9 of Warlord of Mars
2D-animated cover – 100  minted – SOLD OUT

John Carter Volume Two, containing issues 10–18 of Warlord of Mars 
2D-animated cover – 100 minted at $99.99

John Carter – Single Issues

Completing the comic-book set, The BOYS is also available in selected single editions as published by Dynamite Entertainment. 

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace:
Issue #1: 2D  – 1,000 minted at $6.99
Issue #2: 2D cover – 1,000 minted at $6.99

My name is John Carter; I am better known as Captain Jack Carter of Virginia. I have never told this story, nor shall any know it until after I have passed over for eternity…

An amazing new era for John Carter of Mars starts here!

The fourth instalment in our Dynamite® comic-book series of collections transports us to the fourth planet from the sun and into the world of John Carter. Ex-cavalry officer in the Confederate Army, John Carter was already surprised to find himself on Mars… You can only imagine what he feels about turning up in NFT (Non Fungible Token) form!

Join our muscle-bound hero, his comrade Tars Tarkas and the princess, Dejah Thoris, in a unique NFT comic-book collection that’s off the planet.

The John Carter GENESIS COLLECTION – only available at Terra Virtua

Based on the classic warrior stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs (1977–1979), the John Carter Collection captures all the grit and action of the original Warlord of Mars updated by Dynamite with words from Arvid Nelson and illustrations by Stephen Sadowski (Avengers/Invaders), Lui Antonio and and Edgar Salazar.

The limited-edition Director's Cut – hotter than the surface of Mars!

If you’re serious about your comic books, check out our  Director’s Cut. This special version has a 2D-animated cover and some extra bonus features. But please be warned… Previous Dynamite Directors Cuts have SOLD OUT WITHIN HOURS. 

So, if you are an interested collector, get in there as quick – forewarned is forearmed as every great warrior knows.

To complete the set we also have single editions, which takes key issues from the collection into their own NFTs. At only $6.99 each, this is a great way to start your collection or to complete the whole set of NFTs available.

A trio of images from John Carter comics

Enhance your comic-book experience with a Terra Virtua NFT

The really special thing about our NFT comic books is that they give you so much more than the traditional experience! 

With the John Carter NFT Collection you can enjoy your digital comic as normal, but then choose to view it again with the text turned off! By stripping away all the bubbles, boxes and OOOFS you get to see the full artwork underneath in all its glory. It’s a great thing for fans of comic art who love to look at all the details.

Well… there’s no time to dally, my friend, there are aliens to fight and it’s definitely getting hot in here.

Remember to act fast if you want to win the battle for a Director’s Cut – fortune favours the bold


Dynamite® & © 2021 Dynamite. All Rights Reserved. John Carter, Warlord of Mars® Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. & © 2021 Dynamite Characters, LLC. All Rights Reserved. T+| 

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