Vampirella appears for the first-time ever as a unique digital NFT comic-book collection

Dynamite Vampirella NFT Volume Two
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The immortal seductress is back! And this time she’s shape-shifted into NFT form in the Vampirella GENESIS COLLECTION.

All of our previous Dynamite Directors Cuts SOLD OUT within hours of dropping – one within an hour. If you’re a fan who’d love a Directors Cut in your collection, please keep an eye on the drop time and act fast.

Dropping on....

Friday 22nd October at 2pm BST | 11am EDT | 8am PDT

Vampirella NFT cover for volume two

Vampirella GENESIS COLLECTION Volume 2

Picking up from the end of Volume 1, Volume 2 takes us deeper in to the doomed flight of Affirm Air 1969, spanning issues #9–#14. Will Vampirella’s greatest foes succeed in their plan to destroy her life on Earth? What challenges have writer Christopher Priest and artist Ergün Gündüz got in store for her this time?

Versions available in the Marketplace:
1,000 GENESIS COLLECTION 2D – $29.99
100 GENESIS COLLECTION 2DA Director’s Cut – $99.99

Vampirella NFT cover for issue two

Vampirella: Seduction of the Innocent Issue #2 – The Six Marys

The Six Marys, Issue #2 of Seduction of the Innocent, is available as a single-edition NFT. 

1,000 Issue #2 2D – $6.99

Already in the Marketplace...

Vampirella cover or Seduction of the Innocent

Vampirella GENESIS COLLECTION Volume 1

From the legendary comic-book writer, Christopher Priest and artist, Ergün Gündüz, we bring you Vampirella: Seduction of the Innocent (2019) for the first time as an NFT. The Vampirella GENESIS COLLECTION brings together issues #1–#6 and includes a gallery of variant covers and Vampirella’s most revealing Mental State Report. Our 2DA (2D-animated) editions feature a superbly hypnotic animated cover.

Versions available in the Marketplace:
1,000 GENESIS COLLECTION 2D – $29.99

Vampirella Issue One NFT cover

Vampirella: Seduction of the Innocent Issue #1

Completing the comic-book set, Seduction of the Innocent Book #1 is available as a single-edition NFT. 

1,000 Volume #1 2D – $6.99

Vampirella BONUS Issue #0 – SOLD OUT​

The original Seduction of the Innocent issue #0 was given away free for Comic Book Day in 2019. Following on from this tradition, the NFT version of Volume #0 is yours for free as a reward when you purchase the Vampirella: Seduction of the Innocent Vol.1, the Director’s Cut or Seduction of the Innocent Book #1 within 72 hours of launch (from 24th September, 2021 at 2pm BST, 9am EDT, 6am PDT).

(Offer applies to comic-book NFTs only and not to VFLECTs or statues.)


Vampirella gets the special Terra Virtua treatment as she joins our VFLECT family. This super slinky model is full of attitude and comes complete with pet bat. 

1 Platinum 3DA is up for AUCTION during launch-week on Monday 27th September at 3pm BST | 10am EDT | 7am PDT (bidding open for 24 hours).

Versions available in the Marketplace:
2,500 Common 3DA – $19.99
1,500 Uncommon 3DA – $24.99
1,000 Rare 3DA – $34.99
500 Special 3DA – $74.99
100 Legendary 3DA – $149.99
50 Mythical 3DA – $499.99
50 Gold 3DA – $999.99

Buy all the above rarities together to receive a Gold 3DA worth $999.99 as a REWARD.


Vampirella GENESIS EDITION 3D Statues

A calf-booted Vampirella stands on a platform of skulls, surveying the land. In the animated, 3DA versions, she seductively sways, clasping her billowing, silky cloak.

1 Platinum 3DA is up for AUCTION during launch-week on Friday 24th September at 2pm BST | 9am EDT | 6am PDT (bidding open for 24 hours).

Versions available in the Marketplace:
5,000 Common 3D – $19.99
3,500 Uncommon 3DA – $29.99
2,500 Special 3DA – $59.99
250 Legendary 3DA – $299.99
50 Mythical 3DA – $1,499.99

Buy all the above rarities together to receive a Mythical 3DA worth $1,499.99 as a REWARD.

The Dynamite®, Terra Virtua partnership has come up trumps once more, bringing fresh new blood to our marketplace with the Vampirella GENESIS COLLECTION. And this time, we’re also bringing you a super-seductive Vampi VFLECT and an exclusive 3d statue, too! We’re totally bat-crazy about it all! 

But this isn’t just any Vampirella, this is Christopher Priest’s Vampirella and we’re buzzing to be able to work with one of the living legends in the comic-book world.

Christopher Priest and Vampirella – a marriage made in heaven

Christopher Priest has been writing stories for some of the greatest comic-book characters for over 40 years. And many of those stories have been turned into films. Batman Begins, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War were all based on Priest’s comic book work, and his reinterpretation of Black Panther became the platform for that Oscar-winning film.

Now, his work on Seduction of the Innocent, Dynamite’s 50th anniversary celebration of Vampirella, has been turned into digital non-fungible tokens. Even though the vamp has made it to 50, she’s still the most forward-thinking girl in town!

In this supernatural tale you’ll encounter nuns with guns, scandalous love triangles, psychotherapy and loads of good ol’ classic villainy, all centered around a mysterious plane crash… It’s bloody good!

And – NEWS FLASH – we’ve only gone and bagged Christopher Priest for a Reddit AMA! Make sure you head over to Reddit on Friday 24th at 5pm BST (12pm EDT, 9am PDT) and ask him anything – he’s a fascinating guy with so many cool comic industry stories to share.

The Vampirella GENESIS COLLECTION – only available at Terra Virtua

Each Vampirella GENESIS COLLECTION brings together a series of issues in to one volume and only 1,000 copies of each will be minted as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)For our more serious comic-book collectors, we also have a special edition – a 2D-animated Director’s Cut. 

In addition to all the features of the standard edition, the Director’s Cut has additional pages and a stunning animated cover… fabulous! But you’ll need to be quick – only 100 copies will be minted and all six of our previous Dynamite Director’s Cuts have sold out in hours!

To complete the comic-book set, we also have a single-edition NFT. Which takes a single issue into its own separate NFT and is a great way to start your collection – or to complete the whole set of NFTs available.

Whichever version you choose, all three have received the magic Terra-Virtua touch! Once you’ve read the story as a digital comic, you can choose to turn off the text and revel in the full artwork underneath! We love this feature that removes all the bubbles, boxes and OOOFS so you can really get under the skin of the art – Vampirella fans will love getting their teeth into it…

For the first time… a Dynamite heroine is transformed into a 3D VFLECT

Yes! You’ve seen Vampi turn into a bat before, but we can guarantee this will be the first time you’ve ever seen her transformed into a VFLECT! 

Playfully seductive with her trademark black hair and stunning red outfit (whit wooo), our girl appears complete with bat friend. From the reaction we’ve had so far, we think she’ll shoot straight to the top of our most popular VFLECTs list.

If you prefer your favourite characters to be a bit more realistic, with less shiny blue skin, check out our fabulous NFT statues, they are something else! Poised like the vamp she is in black calf boots, standing on a mound of skulls, Vampirella holds out her flowing red cape in a way that perfectly shows off her glistening, toned form.

With both the VFLECT and the statue, the movements and actions increase as you move up the rarities.

Get first blood! Suck it up quick!

Vampirella is ready and waiting for you now in the Terra Virtua marketplace. Don’t miss out or you’ll see red! You’ll go batty! You’ll be out for blood! You’ll be… (OK, OK, my work here is done).

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