Environmentally-conscious Lebanese artist, Wael Hamadeh, is auctioning 3 artworks from his ‘Soldiers of Nature’ collection

Wael Hamadeh NFT art Watered Roots
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Three entrancing, animated artworks with an environmental theme will be auctioned consecutively over three days, starting from Thursday 11th November at 12pm GMT | 7am ET | 4am PT – for 24 hours ONLY!

“My name is Wael K. Hamadeh, my nationality is Lebanese, and the universe is my family.”

portrait photo of artist Wael Hamadeh
Lebanese artist, Wael Hamadeh, celebrates his country’s vibrant story, and highlights the struggle between sustainability and progress, with three enlightening artworks which will now be available as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
Drawing on the vibrant colours and folklore of his heritage, Hamadeh paints with deep reverence to the villagers and farmers of Lebanon who come to life in his art. He calls this art ‘oriental surrealism’ and focuses on Middle-Eastern folklore with a surrealistic twist. 
‘I listened to my inner inspirational thoughts and decided to trace my soul…. The joy of my memories translates my ideas to happy strokes and movements that are needed for such a fresh and enlightening celebration.’

An environmental celebration of community and hope

With every stroke of the brush, Hamadeh celebrates his beautiful memories of the freshness of the soil, the hardness of the rock and the resilience of his people as they go about their daily life. And in his series, ‘Environmental Stains’, he appoints those people as ambassadors to the universe, ever-respectful and nurturing of our shared environment.
As COP26 – the UN Climate Change Conference that hopes to unite the world to tackle climate change – comes to a close, what better time to bring these community- and environment-focused artworks to the world? One of the pieces, ‘Watered Roots’, has already been the recipient of an environment award by the United Nations in Lebanon.

Presenting Wael Hamadeh’s ‘Soldiers of Nature’

Wael Hamadeh’s ‘Soldiers of Nature’ is a set of three artworks from the ‘Environmental Stains’ series. Filled with glorious colour and contrast, these luminous pieces meld the history of rural Lebanon with the impacts of our actions – or inactions – on the stability of the environment today.
Originally painted in acrylics on canvas, the Soldiers of Nature set has now been transformed into living works of art as animated NFTs accompanied by original soundtracks by Lebanese composer, Peter Nehme, influenced by the traditional music of his country. Although serious in the nature of its subject, the vibrancy of the colours and the upbeat rhythms of the music and animation fill you with hope and leave you with smiles.
And each has a fascinating story to tell…
Wael Hamadeh NFT art Watered Roots
The BID NOW button will take you to the auction from
Thursday 11th Nov at 12pm GMT | 7am ET | 4am PT
– for 24 hours only. 

Watered Roots


Thursday 11th November at 12pm GMT | 7am ET | 4am PT – for 24 hours ONLY – RESERVE PRICE $5,000

The story behind the artwork…

In the village where Wael was born, there was no water supply to homes, so each neighbourhood had a small tap. As a source of life, these taps are a huge deal for the people and as such, the bronze pipe in the painting appears rusted with the suggestion of age and history. The farmers who left for the cities have abandoned the olive tree, an important symbol in Lebanese tradition. She has crawled on top of the pipes, waiting for someone to feed her. Here, Hamadeh captures the love of the local folk who feed water to the olive upon her request. 

Wael Hamadeh NFT art Energy of Law
The BID NOW button will take you to the auction from
Friday 12th Nov at 12.10pm GMT | 7.10am ET | 4.10am PT
– for 24 hours only. 

Energy of Law


Friday 12th November at 12:10pm GMT | 7:10am ET | 4:10am PT – for 24 hours ONLY – RESERVE PRICE $5,000

The story behind the artwork…

Good deeds and showing love to each other creates an energy that nurtures the world. Here, orange droplets represent the positive energy of people’s good deeds and intentions, which in turn are nurturing justice, peace, balance and nature. Black smoke exiting the tube at the bottom represents bad energy – the waste from people’s bad deeds and intentions. Within the machine, tubes form the twisting and turning pathways of life and the decisions we must make to reach the good at the top. The greatest obstacle is imbalance and negative thought.

Wael Hamadeh NFT art Motor of Life
The BID NOW button will take you to the auction from
Saturday 13th Nov at 12.20pm GMT | 7.20am ET | 4.20am PT
– for 24 hours only. 

Motor of Life


Saturday 13th November at 12:20pm GMT | 7:20am ET | 4:20am PT – for 24 hours ONLY – RESERVE PRICE $5,000

The story behind the artwork…

A motor becomes a home to many who are reliant on the electricity it produces. As a result of the indifference towards burning fossil fuels, a thick smoke fills the air, the earth is polluted and the nests were abandoned some time ago. Everyone has left their room to work on the motor, such is their dependence. Except for the people on the ground, who are more in harmony with nature and are upset at the damage to the environment. The number 10,452, on a blue street sign, references the size of Lebanon in Km2.

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