Own The BOYS as a unique digital NFT comic collection

The BOYS comic book banner for Volume 2 in the digital non fungible token collection
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For the first-time ever – The BOYS comic books appear as non-fungible tokens in a unique Dynamite collection only on Terra Virtua.

All of our Dynamite GENESIS EDITION Volume 1 Directors Cuts SOLD OUT within hours of dropping – one within an hour. That’s The BOYS, Red Sonja, Vampirella and  John Carter. If you’re a fan who’d love a Directors Cut in your collection, please keep an eye on the drop time and act fast.


Cover for Volume 2 of The BOYS comic book series from Dynamite as an NFT

Get Some

Our newest compendium, containing Issues 7–14 of The BOYS, with the storylines: ‘Get Some’ and ‘Glorious Five Year Plan’. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace:
GENESIS COLLECTION 2D Volume – 1,000  minted at $29.99
GENESIS COLLECTION 2DA Volume Director’s Cut – 100 minted – $99.99  – SOLD OUT

PLUS! The single, 2DA NFT for Issue #2 of ‘The Name of the Game’
– 1,000 minted at $6.99 

The BOYS Dynamite comic book cover

The Name of the Game

A compendium, containing Issues 1–6 of The BOYS, which takes the team on their first two storylines: ‘The Name of the Game’ and ‘Cherry’. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, with an intro by Simon Pegg.

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace:
GENESIS COLLECTION 2D Volume – 1,000  minted at $29.99
GENESIS COLLECTION 2DA Volume Director’s Cut – 100 minted – SOLD OUT

PLUS! The single, 2D NFT for Issue #1 of ‘The Name of the Game’
– 1,000 minted at $6.99 

Exciting news for comic fans! The BOYS are back in a brand-new way as an NFT (non-fungible token) comic-book collection.

We recently shared news of our brand-new licensing partnership with Dynamite® Entertainment and we promised some explosive new arrivals… Well, we hope you agree we’re off to a pretty great start with The BOYS.

The first Dynamite GENESIS COLLECTION – another exclusive from Terra Virtua

The BOYS GENESIS COLLECTION brings the debut series of The BOYS comic books back to life in a series of digital NFTs! 

Experience the stories of this gutsy gang in an exciting new way as they come together to fight a corrupt slew of superheroes, engineered by the corporation from hell.

The BOYS GENESIS COLLECTION brilliantly showcases the work of insanely talented writer, Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher) and co-creator, illustrator Darick Robertson. Dark, gritty and growlingly hilarious, we think this is going to hurt… your laughter muscles, bad! 

Grab The BOYS before they’re gone

Whether you’re a savvy collector, an avid fan or a comic art lover, there are three choices waiting for you in the Marketplace as each volume drops: the GENESIS COLLECTION, the GENESIS COLLECTION Director’s Cut and a single issue NFT.

Let’s talk about those GENESIS editions first!

The BOYS Dynamite comic book art for the digital non fungible token collection

Both versions of the GENESIS COLLECTION recreate the original Dynamite volume as a digital NFT. Each volume is a compendium of issues that follows The BOYS in their mission across a number of storylines.

The standard version is minted in a series of just 1,000 NFTs and is a steal at only $29.99! But if you love a special edition, you can choose the awesome Director’s Cut, which ramps it up! This one comes with extras, including a superbly animated cover, and is limited to only 100 copies worldwide. Only 100 worldwide – ever – so you need to be quick not to miss out on a copy at launch for $99.99.

If you prefer to buy your comics in a more traditional, issue by issue way, we have something for you, too! Our single issues.

Our first single edition takes Issue One from Volume One ‘The Name of the Game’ into its own separate NFT for only $6.99. A great way to start your collection – or complete the whole set of NFTs available.

Whichever version you choose, all three have something in common we think you’re going to love…

A new way to read comics

You can choose to view your pages with or without the text! Read the story as you normally would, then look again at your pages unfettered by bubbles, boxes and lettering – now you can ahhhhhh at the art without the OOFS! Pretty awesome, huh?!

While we all love the feel and smell of a comic book in our hands, this really takes it up a level. So many times, I’ve looked at a page wanting to see more of the art.  

Someone's got to make sure the supes don't get out of line

It’s time for action! The superheroes need bringing in line. Get ready to join Billy Butcher, Wee Hughie, Mother’s Milk, The Frenchman and The Female in a battle against the most dangerous force on Earth – time waits for no (hu)man. 

The BOYS are waiting in the Terra Virtua marketplace right now. Grab them while you can.

Dynamite® & © 2021 Dynamite.  All Rights Reserved. The Boys™ & © 2021 Spitfire Productions, Ltd. and Darick Robertson. All Rights Reserved.

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