Join the Terra Tribe – become a Terra Virtua ambassador and get rewards for sharing the NFT love!

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Are you a fan of NFTs? Got some time to spare? Fancy getting rewards for creating dope videos? Then we need you!

Come and join our ambassador programme and get real-world rewards for bigging up NFTs to your friends and followers on social media. 

No NFTs? No problem!

We want to make our ambassador programme accessible to everyone, so we don’t expect you to have a huge collection of NFTs already, and we definitely don’t expect you to spend your own money to be part of the project. 

By being a member of our #TerraTribe you’ll get access to a huge bank of NFTs that you can play with, completely free of charge. All we ask in return is for you to help us spread the word about Terra Virtua and share your love of NFTs with the world. 

There will be specific challenges each day that you can participate in, and once you complete the challenge you just have to let the Terra Virtua team know and we’ll add points to your account.

Points Means Prizes

Each challenge will have a different number of points allocated, and the more you do, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more rewards you can enjoy. 

What are the rewards you ask? Well, we think that’s the best part. Because we know anyone participating in this programme is a Terra Virtua supporter, and lover of NFTs, we decided the best reward we could offer is vouchers for the Terra Virtua marketplace. 

For every 50 points you earn, you can trade them in for a $50 voucher to use on Terra Virtua to buy your own NFTs. 

And with most challenges being worth 5 points, it only takes 10 challenges to get your hands on an awesome reward. 

It’s the perfect way to build up your own NFT collection, without ever having to spend a penny of your own money (unless you want to of course!). 

Aside from the dope rewards, we also think it’s a great way to connect with your fellow NFT lovers and Terra Virtuans, and we want it to be fun for everyone, so we actively encourage people to chat and share their love of digital collectibles. 

Sounds Great! How do I join in? 

This part’s simple: just head to our registration page to fill out the application form, our team will then review your application and let you know the next steps. (Pro tip: we’re ideally looking for people who are already active and comfortable sharing on social media, and we’re looking for members who use multiple different platforms to help reach as many people as possible). 

If successful, you’ll get an invite to join our Crewfire community. Crewfire is our online ambassador hub. This is where you’ll login and connect your social media accounts, it’s also where you’ll see all the latest challenges you can complete, and be able to chat with other ambassadors. 

Once logged in, check out the active tasks you can get involved in. When you see a challenge you like the look of, just follow the instructions, upload proof of completion and let the points roll in. (Quick note: some of the challenges require you to use our app to show off your NFTs, which is currently Android only, but don’t worry if you don’t have an Android device because we’ve created loads of different tasks that everyone can get involved in, and you can always reach out to the team to get help and support in finding the right challenges for you.)

At the moment you’ll get notifications via email and SMS about challenges and announcements. But don’t worry, Crewfire is soon releasing an app, which will make things even easier!

And if you’ve got any questions along the way, our amazing team is on hand to help. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you fancy playing with awesome digital collectibles, for free, and getting rewarded for it, head over to the sign up page, register your details and help us build the most amazing NFT community in the world!

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