Your Guide to Cardano Summit NFTs

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Your Cardano Summit NFTs have officially arrived on Terra Virtua - and with this handy guide, you'll be all set to claim and use them!

Thanks for your patience!

We’ve all been looking forward to the arrival of the Cardano Summit NFT collection, and all 7 of these commemorative NFTs are ready to drop into your Cardano wallet. We’ve prepared a video walkthrough and a quick list of FAQs to make sure you’re fully prepared to claim and use your NFTs – and you’ll find everything you need waiting just below this very special preview of the Cardano Summit NFTs on display in the Terra Virtua Fan Cave:

Video Walkthrough

To claim your Cardano Summit NFTs, simply go to the Cardano Summit NFT page on the Terra Virtua website, and follow the video walkthrough provided below:


How do I claim my Cardano Summit NFTs?

You can now claim your Cardano Summit NFTs through a special section of the Terra Virtua website, which you can find right here. Please follow the video walkthrough above to claim your NFTs.

In order to claim your NFTs, you MUST link the Nami Mainnet wallet. Other wallets and testnet versions will not work at this time. DO NOT use an exchange address – this will not work, and we are not liable for any NFTs lost due to using an exchange address.

There are 7 Cardano Summit NFTs – how many can I claim?

You can claim all 7 NFTs in the Cardano Summit collection, or just choose your favourites and have them sent to your Cardano wallet! The choice is entirely yours.

Where will my NFTs be sent? Do they have to stay on Terra Virtua?

Your Cardano Summit NFTs will be sent to your Cardano wallet, and can go anywhere from there.

How much will it cost to mint my Cardano Summit NFTs?

The following amounts of ADA will be required to claim your Cardano Summit NFTs:

1-5 NFTs: 5 ADA

6 NFTs: 6 ADA

7 NFTs: 7 ADA

Some users have found that the maximum fee is very slightly over 7 ADA, so having 8 ADA in your wallet just in case is a good idea.

Why is there a fee?

To cut down the development time, we partnered with CryptoPetz to provide the minting solution. The above fees will offset their work, as they built this project with us and dedicated many hours to it.

What can I do with my Cardano Summit NFTs?

You’ll be able to use your Cardano Summit NFTs just as you would any other art NFT – and you can also showcase them in your personal Terra Virtua 3D VR environments (the Fan Cave, Art Gallery, and Terra Dome) through your Terra Virtua account!

Can my Cardano Summit NFTs be staked?

Platforms with NFT staking facilities could offer NFT staking if they choose, and IOG will be discussing utility possibilities with a number of third parties.

Something went wrong, but it’s not covered here?

Please drop an email to explaining the issue in full, and our team will get back to you ASAP.

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