Power Players, Round 1

Lost in Space - Creatures

Welcome to the Terra Virtua Power Players; a game of collecting with NFT rewards that grow in value depending on the level you’re prepared to reach in your collecting game. 

The rules:

  1. To be eligible to play you must be a registered user on Terra Virtua
  2. Some NFTs may already be sold out, so the only way to collect these is to bid or make an offer to the current owner
  3. Full animations are not required to complete the set but if you own the full collection and animation it will unlock a special reward
  4. Once you have completed your collection join our Discord Server & post into our #Power-Players channel with your username & which collection you have completed. We will require proof that you own the required NFTs.
  5. Round 1 will run for 18 days so any collections completed after the 9th May 2021 will not be eligible for collecting the reward. 
  6. The NFT you are awarded will reflect the rarity levels of the NFTs you have purchased and will depend on what is available at the time of issue.

The game:

The first round centres on the awesome Legendary Entertainment Netflix series, Lost in Space. We’ve gathered up all the creatures and put them together into collections of NFTs based on rarities. 

There are 6 NFTs to collect for each creature:

The rewards:

For each collection, there are 3 reward tiers. 

If you collect all 3 tiers and collections that means you’ll be the proud owner of 9 new NFTs from the Legendary range. But remember…as you move up the grid, the quantities reduce as the rarity increases. This means only 10 people will make it to reward tier 3 for each creature. Who will get there first?

The Power Player game reward details are below:

So, What next?

Below you’ll find the details of each creature including their key stats. So take a look through, decide which collection you’re going after and we’ll see you in Discord

Predator Power Player Cards

Cave Creature Power Player Cards

Amber Creature Power Player Cards

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